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Christina Vegan Tinted Natural Moisturizer

A soy-free vegan foundation with moisturizing, skin-firming, and blemish-fighting properties? Yes, you read it right! This vegan tinted moisturizer by Christina’s Natural Qualities is packed with nature’s goodness – essential oils to hydrate and boost elasticity, and botanicals to fight excess oil.

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Harvest Natural Beauty – Organic Liquid Foundation

Nourish and take care of your skin while evening out your complexion when applying this vegan foundation by Harvest. This organic foundation is free from harsh chemicals, and it works well for sensitive skin. Harvest foundation is color-adjusting, breathable and lightweight with buildable coverage.

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Ecco Bella FlowerColor Vegan Liquid Foundation

Apply this cruelty-free vegan foundation and watch your imperfections disappear. This natural light paraben-free foundation by Ecco Bella provides SPF15 sun protection and will nourish your face with its non-toxic formula. It is water-based and will give you flawless coverage for hours and hours.

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Hush + Dotti Natural Coverage Vegan Foundation

Make your skin glow with this weightless, fully pigmented foundation. Hush + Dotti’s vegan foundation is perfect for sensitive skin types, thanks to its aloe vera based formula. This is a buildable foundation and is excellent to even out your skin tone. This is non-toxic, cruelty-free and paraben-free.

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Better’n Ur Skin Organic Vegan Liquid Foundation

Wear with confidence this cruelty-free foundation. Better’n Ur Skin foundation lets you build up the coverage you need without looking cakey. This vegan foundation has natural sun protection, is gluten-free and palm-fee. It is made with organic ingredients that will give you a semi-dewy finish.

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Dermablend Vegan Flawless Creator Liquid Foundation

Be on point when applying this cruelty-free foundation by Dermablend. A single drop of this vegan foundation will give you a natural lightweight coverage. Apply more drops to achieve full coverage. This is a long-lasting formula, oil-free and fragrance-free. This foundation is silky and easy to blend.

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E.L.F Flawless Finish Vegan Cruelty-Free Foundation

Create a flawless complexion with this semi-matt formula by E.L.F. This vegan foundation is lightweight yet provides the coverage your skin needs. This is the best-selling E.L.F foundation, it restores uneven skin and is easy to blend in. It is oil-free and has an SPF 15 to protect you from the sun.

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Shimarz Light Liquid Mineral Vegan Foundation

Reach for the silky smooth finish with this organic and vegan foundation. The Shimarz cruelty-free foundation has a natural sunscreen SPF and no parabens. It blends well to give you light coverage and moisturizes your skin. This foundation smells lovely and is great for everyday use.

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BaeBlu Organic Natural Vegan Liquid Foundation

Achieve the perfect complexion with this organic, vegan and gluten-free liquid foundation by BaeBlu. This cruelty-free foundation is made with an advanced anti-aging formula, and it has no preservatives. This foundation will cover any imperfections and makes your skin look smooth and healthy.

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EVXO Natural Coverage Liquid Vegan Foundation

Accentuate your natural beauty with this organic and long-lasting vegan foundation. This liquid foundation offers a dewy finish for a radiant look. You can keep your look natural or layer up for a medium coverage to better hide those problematic areas. This is a cruelty-free foundation and also gluten-free.



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