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Vegan Glitter Liquid Eyeliner 10 Colour Set

Be your own kind of beautiful and make your eyes sparkle with these glitter liquid eyeliners. These metallic eyeliners are what you need for parties, special occasions or costume parties and they can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow or face painting. These are cruelty-free and come in 10 colors.

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Merzy Vegan Long-Lasting 12hr Pen Eyeliner

Step up your makeup game and use Merzy’s vegan eyeliner to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Achieve perfection with this superfine, long-lasting, brush tip eyeliner. It is cruelty-free, highly-pigmented and it glides gracefully along your lash line. This vegan pen eyeliner is waterproof.

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Gabriel Cosmetics Vegan Eyeliner Pencil in 5 Colors

Feel like a star when putting on Gabriel’s vegan eyeliner pencil. This eyeliner is soft and creamy and glides on smoothly on your eyelids to create a precise line for a cat eye look, but also blends well to softly accentuate your eyes. This cruelty-free eyeliner pencil comes in 5 shades to choose from.

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e.l.f Cosmetics Vegan Precision Cream Eyeliner

Decide on how natural or dramatic you want to look and let e.l.f.’s vegan eyeliner do its magic. This cream eyeliner is made from luxurious natural ingredients, it is long-lasting and will not smudge or fade throughout your day. This eyeliner is cruelty-free and comes with a brush for easy application.

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Zuzu Luxe Vegan Eyeliner Pencil in 9 Colors

Revamp your eyes with this ultra-smooth vegan eyeliner pencil by Zuzu Luxe. This cruelty-free eyeliner pencil made by natural ingredients and safe for all types of skin. Available in 9 highly pigmented colors, Zuzu Luxe’s eyeliner pencils glide effortlessly and does not tug on your skin.

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Inika Organic Eyeliner in 8 Different Colors

Stay stunning all day long when applying Inika’s vegan eyeliner pencil. This organic pencil comes in eight vibrant colors. It is cruelty-free and made from high-quality ingredients. This highly pigmented pencil has a creamy consistency, glides smoothly onto the skin and is long-lasting.

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Aesthetica Felt Tip Vegan Liquid Eyeliner Pen

Add definition to your eyes with this precision tip liquid eyeliner by Aethetica. This vegan eyeliner has a felt tip and is formulated with an intense black color to get the perfect dramatic look that will not smear. It is simple to apply, goes on smoothly to obtain the dazzling cat eye or winged look.

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BaeBlu Vegan Eyeliner Pencil in Black or Brown

Put on this vegan eyeliner pencil by Baeblu and don’t worry about it getting smudged during your day. This pencil is made from organic and natural materials without any toxins or harmful chemicals. This cruelty-free pencil will not irritate your skin, is easy to apply and comes in black or brown.



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